Configuring UltraVNC for Dual monitors
  1. Click "Start" button on your desktop, click "Accessories" menu item and find "Notepad"
  2. Right click on the "Notepad" menu item and click on "Run as administrator"
  3. In notepad, select "File" menu and then click on "Open" menu item
  4. Open the ultravnc.ini file from your WP7 Remote Desktop server installation folder, typically this is C:\Program Files\thefastmarket\WP7 Remote Desktop
  5. In the file, look for the line that has secondary=0, change this to secondary=1 and save the file
  6. In WP7 Remote Desktop server, under the "Status" tab, click on "Stop" button for UltraVNC service, after the service has stopped, click on "Start" button to start it again
  7. Connect from your phone, you should see both screens on the phone now

We've tested this out with Windows 7.