Remote Desktop for Windows Phone 7 is easy to use and intuitive when it comes to controlling your remote computer.
  • Pan on the touch screen to move mouse around
    Touch and drag on the phone screen to pan. By panning on touch screen, position the orange circle over the position where you want your remote mouse to be.

  • Use application bar buttons for left and right clicking
    Once you have positioned orange circle over desired point in screen, tap on left-click and right-click buttons in the application bar to left or right click.
    Double tap the left-click button to double-click.

  • Show/hide keyboard from application bar button
    Tap the keyboard button in application bar once to show the on-screen keyboard, tap it again to hide the keyboard.
    Please note: If you have a device that has hardware keyboard, you still need to tap on keyboard button to enable keyboard board and tap on it again to disable it before you can pan on screen.

  • Pinch to zoom in and out
    Use the ever-famous pinch gesture on touch screen to zoom into or out from certain area on the remote screen.

  • Double tap to quick zoom
    Double tap anywhere on the screen to quick zoom to default mode so that you can view full screen.

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