To help you troubleshoot any problems, we have compiled following Frequently Asked Questions:
  • I have two monitors, how can I view both monitors on my phone?
    The embedded UltraVNC can be configured to display both monitors on the phone, instructions for configuring UltraVNC for this can be found here.

  • What is the default password?
    The default password for UltraVNC that comes embedded with WP7 Remote Desktop server is "default".

  • How do I connect to custom port from device?
    Specify the port after the IP address in this format = IPaddress:port

  • How do I move mouse on remote screen?
    Pan the remote image on your phone's touch screen such that the orange circle (present at center of phone screen) is over the region where you want to move mouse to.
    Once you remove your finger from touch screen, mouse will move to the area right below orange circle, you can use application bar buttons to double-click, right-click or left-click on this area.

  • I cannot view full remote screen in application...
    Check if you are running under trial mode, to view full screen and access all features of this application, please consider buying from marketplace.

  • My connection keeps on dropping frequently...
    Upgrade to version 1.1 of the application, the frequent disconnection problem has been fixed in that update. Use the update with RealVNC or UltraVNC.

  • Screen updates takes too long, my connection is slow...
    UltraVNC and RealVNC offer better compression as compared to TightVNC, try switching to them if you are using TightVNC.
    If you accessing using cellular data network, try using over WiFi.
    Screen updates are slow over cellular data network, specially over EDGE. We recommend you have atleast 3G cellular data connectivity for better experience.

  • Authentication fails...
    Check if you have set correct password in VNC server. Some VNC servers require that you do set a password before your computer can be accessed remotely.

  • Access tests fail in WP7 Remote Desktop server program
    or I am not able to connect to my computer from phone...
    If you use a router at home, make sure port 5600 is forwarded to your computer correctly from your router. We recommend following the instructions at

  • How do I configure Windows Firewall?
    WP7 Remote Desktop server automatically configures your Windows Firewall.
    If you want to check it manually, please follow instructions given here to enable it.

  • How do I access my Mac or Linux machine?
    We're working on a software to run on Macs/Linux, we will annouce as soon as it's ready for prime time.

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