Version 2.0.0 contains:
  • RDP support, connect to Windows PCs without running VNC server.
  • Capture and store remote screen shot.
  • Extended keyboard featuring function keys, start key, shift, ctrl, alt, etc keys.
  • Tap on screen to left click, long-tap (0.5 secs) to right click.
  • NetBios support, connect using computer names on local network.
Version 1.3.0 contains:
  • New touch pad style mouse move mode.
  • Adjust your screen update speed according to your network type (wifi or 3g).
  • Scale down the remote screen resolution to improve speed and save bandwidth.
Version 1.2 has the following fixes:
  • Disconnection issues on non-english locales has been fixed.
Version 1.1 has the features that were most requested by people, it contains:
  • Quick scroll buttons
    We've added two scroll buttons that would allow you to scroll up and down in any window without having to move the mouse to scroll bar.

  • Use custom ports & connect to multiple computers within a network
    We've added the ability to customize the port you'd like to run WP7 Remote Desktop server on. This allows you to configure multiple computers that are behind a single router for remote access.

  • Multiple monitor support
    View both of your monitor screens on phone when you use RealVNC as the server. UltraVNC can also be configured to use two monitors.

  • Send ctrl+alt+del
    Our application can now send ctrl+alt+del key combination to the VNC server. This works only with a compatible VNC server that can execute ctrl+alt+del commands.

  • Support for better screen compression
    With UltraVNC and RealVNC, you will be using upto 10 times less bandwidth which means faster screen updates.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and UI updates
    We compiled a list of most reported bugs and things that were annoying you and have fixed in this update. Yes, this means no more frequent disconnection problems :)

  • Embedded UltraVNC server
    We've embedded UltraVNC server with our WP7 Remote Desktop server so that you don't have to install two programs.

  • Automatic Firewall configuration
    We configure Windows Firewall for you automatically, so now when you've installed the server, you're ready to connect to it right away.